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Virtual Simulation

Check out the economic advantages from the automation of the deburring process in your foundry.

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How to get the simulation


Select the material you work in your foundry


Write the size and number of pieces to be produced


Write the type of processing and finish you want to obtain


Specify whether you are using an online or offline process.


Check the saving-simulation with Trebi RVS

Piercarlo Bonomi

“The robotic finishing systems are designed to eliminate non-compliant workpieces, reduce waste, increase production speed and optimise the production process. But how convenient is it for your foundry to really automate the deburring process?”

Trebi Robotic Virtual Simulation was created for this: it is the first system that allows you to verify the economic advantages deriving from the automation of the deburring process in your foundry even before creating a robotic system.

Piercarlo Bonomi | CEO Trebi Unipersonale

Usare Macchine Trebi

Towards the intelligent supply chain

You Zero

  • The logistic costs
  • The non-compliant pieces
  • The manual operations

You Reduce

  • The cost of each piece
  • The wear of tools
  • The ground-footprint

You Increase

  • The production speed
  • The process quality
  • The safety of the work environment

You optimize

  • The production process
  • The use of human resources
  • The production environment
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